I couldn't live without my yarn winder!

Even when using big cones of wool I always spin off a few cakes (the balls of yarn that come from a yarn winder are called cakes, although definitely not edible). This way I can have 2-3 feeds of wool going into my gun at once so you can use any thickness of yarn and it will hold in your fabric nice and snug. 

Tufting Tips:

You do not need to use chunky yarn when rug tufting! Just get a yarn winder!

After you've spun your cake from your winder, feed the end of yarn from the centre of the cake not the outside.

Tufting from a cone vs cake is exactly the same, they both give a smooth continuous feed so no stop starting to pull out yarn.


Easy to assemble, comes with a clamp so you can securely attach it to your table.
Size: 19cm X 18cm X 11.5cm

Yarn Winder

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