*Faulty- Bottom of the cone has been cut partially, this will mean that the yarn is not in one continual piece. Only a small amount was cut, lower pricer means this item is non refundable*



80% wool 20% nylon 

2 ply

My Go-To blend for tufting durable, high quality rugs!

Also works perfectly with weaving, punch needle and many other textile crafts.

*Colour representation varies from screen to screen*


Tufting Tips:


Want sharper lines in your rug tufting design? Use thinner yarn! Chunky yarn is great for filling in quick, but... from my experience I compare thin and chunky yarn to pixels in an image. Big pixels mean a low resolution blurry image. Smaller pixels mean a higher resolution sharper image.


This is where a yarn winder is essential! Spin smaller cakes from your cone and double/triple up the feed to your gun so it still holds in your fabric.


Wool/wool blends are perfect for tufting rugs that are long lasting as they don't crush as easily as acrylic. This also means the lines in your design will stay sharper for longer.

Sunshine Yellow 1.5kg

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