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How to make a rug using a tufting gun

So you want to make a rug? Maybe you found this post because you're looking to buy a tufting gun. Or maybe you have a tufting gun and don't know where to start. Hopefully, this post can answer all your questions in one go! (I'm aiming high).

When I bought my first tufting gun...I was honestly baffled. It kept unthreading, ripping the fabric and all the supplies seemed so expensive. After about a week, I called it quits and shoved the tufting gun under my bed in a huff, annoyed at all the money I spent on it.

I was always one of those people who couldn't find a 'hobby' that really excited me. I'd try something for a week and lose interest. I thought rug tufting was just another one of those expensive hobby phases. Well, obviously that changed because I'm here now! Besides being an art therapist, I make the other half of my living making rugs in my studio and it brings me so much happiness (now that I've figured out how to actually use a tufting gun).

I eventually got my gun back out at the start of lockdown. And over 2 years of trial and error have got me here! So hopefully I can save you 2 years of your life...let's go:

*Some links on this page are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase through this link then I may receive a small commission from it. This does not effect the price you're given in any way and I only promote products that I use and trust myself.*

Essential tools you'll need:

  • Tufting gun

  • Monks cloth

  • frame

  • yarn

  • yarn winder

  • Scissors

  • Pens/markers

Additional tools, but not essential:

  • Backing fabric

  • Carpet latex

  • Glue gun + glue

  • Upholstery webbing

  • Spray adhesive

  • Electric shearers

I know the list seems long and expensive! But don't worry...I have all the tips you need. You may choose not to back your rugs (I'll explain this more later), in this case you won't need to buy half the things on this list.

  1. Which tufting gun do I buy?

There's so many on the market now at really affordable prices, it's great! But my biggest tip here is maybe a controversial one...don't buy the cheap Aliexpress versions. I've heard too many stories of them breaking!

For beginners, I recommend getting the AK-1 cut pile tufting gun, you can get one here and use code 'bethjoy10' for 10% off!!

This gun is the easiest to use in my opinion, there's plenty of tutorials online of how to adjust this gun and buying replacement parts is easier to come by. I'd also say that for a beginner the cut pile is best. This isn't because the loop pile is harder to use. It's purely because whilst you're learning, you don't want to have to stop every 10 seconds to cut your thread (with a loop pile gun you have to cut the yarn after each line).

AK1 Cut pile tufting gun from Tuftin Asia - Use code 'bethjoy10' for 10% off!

2. Fabric

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